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Die Cut Letters and Numbers

Die Cut Letters and Numbers


EGR #3200 Die-Cut Letters & Numbers Uppercase & lowercase Die Cut Letters and Numbers have adhesive backing and are EGR, High Intensity or Non-Reflective Black in color. These are produced from the same signage materials that we build our signs with; 3M Sheeting. These are packaged in clear envelopes with 25 identical pieces per character. If A thru Z is required the 26 packages would be required. White Series C 4" and 2" are the most common along with 8" Black for completing Speed Limit Signs. Colors: White EGR, Black non reflective and White HI Prismatic Sizes: 2b 3b 4b 5b 6b 8b 10b Font: Highway Gothic Style in Uppercase or Lowercase Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. The prices are for series A, B and C. Series D available for 50% upcharge. Black is non-premasked.
Application Tips:
Lay the letters over the name plate, center and align the letters. Now overlay the letters and name plate with one strip of masking tape. Leave an overlay of 1" or more on the left edge. Smooth out the tape. Now lift the tape along with the letters from the right edge. Leave the overlap on the left edge as a hinge point. Fold back & over to reveal the adhesive cover sheets (backside of letters). Now peel off the adhesive cover sheets from the rear of each letter. Now fold back using the hinge point of the masking tape. The tape will fold over in a straight and flat manner and will keep the letters straight. Press down, smooth out. Now peel the tape away. The letters will now be straight and flat! Repeat for the rear side of the name plate.
Production time is 3 Days

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