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Quality and Warranty Info

Quality and Warranty Info

Lamps and cords can ship within 2 days. Large lighted items can ship within only 2 weeks!

Christmas Decoration Quality and Warranty Info

More about our quality & service:

(1) Colors: Custom color changes to the lamps and garland may be specified when ordering.

(2) Frames: We use smooth steel rod of 5/16th, 3/8th, 1/2” and square tube of 1”, 1.25” and 1.5”. After cutting, assembly and welding we powder coat the frames to provide a smooth high gloss finish that will protect the steel from nicks and tarnish better than any paint based system.

(3) Lighting: Our lighting is then attached to the frame using 18 gauge two conductor cord sets with C-7 lamps at 6” spacing, or C-9 lamps at 8” spacing. We usually use the C-7 smaller lamp for the silhouette decorations and the C-9 larger lamp when garland is used. Once the lighting is attached we provide a three conductor grounded style extension cord set of 6 feet. If the decoration has garland then it is now wrapped over the lights and frame and the lamps pulled through. Each unit is the checked to verify that each lamp is working. Our lamps are selected for the longest possible life, usually 3,000 hour rated with nickle coated bases. We use C-7: 5 watt clear, 7 watt colors and our C-9: 7 watt clear and 7 watt colors for the brightest decoration possible.

(4) Wattages: The wattages shown are based on standard lamp usage, LED lamps will use 10 to 20% of the power shown for standard lamps. All wattages are approximate.

(5) Packaging: The decoration is packed in heavy duty shipping boxes with internal straps to prevent movement. We include about 10% extra lamps(no extra lamps on LED lighted items), installation instructions and the mounting brackets & straps for pole mounted units. We are always attempting to improve these items and in the last 2 years we have strengthen our pole mount bracket mount tabs and increased the size of the pole mount face plate. We even began to powder coat it black so that it is less visible.

(6) Production Time: Its never to late to order. Call us as we have inventory on hand, some orders leave within days. Large decorations: 7 to days. Lamps and cords: 1 to 3 days. Stock Design Banners: 3 days. Custom Design Banners: 14 days.

(7) Christmas Decoration Warranty: We guarantee every decoration with a 6 year pro-rated warranty on the frames, 3 years on the garland and electrical and 1 year on the animation controllers and lamps. Light rusting of frames is possible and not covered by warranty terms. See below for Details.

(8) Shipping: Shipping cost are additional and added to the invoice. Shipping cost may be quoted prior to the actual order.


Warranty: USA Manufactured Items: Our 6-3-1 Season Warranty, Evangeline Specialties Inc. warranties to the original buyer that all of our displays and accessories will be free from defects. This warranty extends only to the original buyer when authorized by the factory once full payment has been received. Under normal conditions of use and service, this protection is extended for six (6) seasons on all frames and mounting hardware, three (3) seasons on garland and electrical wiring, and one (1) season on all computerized lighting modules. This warranty does not apply to banners and bulbs. Pole mount displays are designed to withstand up to 50 mph winds with no ice load. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Under this warranty, the company’s obligation to repair or replace is on a pro-rated basis. Rough handling or undue vibration in transit may cause bulb damage. Therefore, a reserve quantity will be shipped with each display, usually 10% (Standard bulbs only, no LED reserve bulbs are provided). Light rusting on steel frames is not covered by this warranty. Cost of shipping and labor to install are not included in this warranty. Bulb burnout or electrical damage caused by the buyer or weather elements are not covered by this warranty. All decorations are shipped in a reusable corrugated carton. Acceptance of merchandise by the carrier constitutes delivery by the manufacturer. The purchaser must file claims for goods lost or delayed in transit within ten (10) days to the delivering carrier. Claims for damaged items or shortages due to carriers must be noted on the freight receipt at time of delivery. Failure to notify of shortages or damages within 10 days will constitute acceptance of items. Specified wattages and weights are subject to change without notice. Warranty: Imported Items: Have a limited warranty of 1 seasons use and claims must be made as soon as possible but not later than Feb 10th following the Christmas season that it was purchased. Credit will be issued for defects if returned to us for inspection. Please call for return authorization number prior to any returns. Damaged Items Claims: Claims for damaged items shall be honored for 10 days from the date of delivery. Always open and inspect and boxes that have visible damage on the exterior and note this damage on the receiving ticket. It is often helpful to have the driver note this damage. Please contact us within 24 hours if any damage is suspected. Concealed Damage: Sometimes items will be damaged without obvious exterior damage to the shipping box. Please open and inspect all packages within 10 days time. We shall assist with claims against the delivery company. Shipping Terms: Shipping cost shall be added to all shipments. Quotes are available when ordering. No returns accepted without prior authorization. All decorations are considered custom made items due to selection of lamps and garland colors, unauthorized returns subject to 50% restocking fee and shipping cost from the mill and back again. Copyright : Evangeline Specialties Inc 2014, All rights are reserved, no copy privilege is extended. Prices are subject to correction and may change without advance notice.

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